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Search Terms: July 2007

This month was part of the backlog of questions, which actually turned out to be for my benefit. I'm actually writing this after having completed my log file analysis script, so I'm able to weed out questions which appear to have been given decent answers.

Articles Written or Updated in response to these questions

I do tend to give quick responses to a lot of the questions in here. However, some questions come up often enough (or the area is murky enough) that they warrant new articles or updates to existing ones.

Questions Asked, and Answers Given

  • list of ca legal ar 15 lowers: See http://thegunwiki.com/pub/Gunwiki/HistoryOLL/OLL-LIST.pdf
  • ruger mini 14 target and ca approval: The Ruger Mini-14 Target is a semi-automatic, centerfire rifle with a thumbhole stock and detachable magazine. If you were to have its semi-automatic action disabled, or fixed its magazine in place, it would be California legal. As it stands, it would be an assault weapon in California.
  • fixed magazine sks evil features in california: In California, as long as your SKS has a fixed magazine, you may attach whatever evil features you want. However, this does not include grenade launchers. Yugoslavian SKSes must have the GL's removed, as they are considered a destructive device in California.
  • m1a loaded california difference: As the M1A does not have any restricted-in-California "assault weapon features", there should be no difference between one sold in California and one sold outside of it.
  • stuck cleaningrod: That really sucks. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is try to gently tap it out. Although, you may consider pouring some kroil or other lubricant down the barrel first, to see if that loosens it up a little.
  • beretta ar70: The Beretta AR-70 is a neat little 223 caliber semi-automatic rifle. Early versions (70/223) used special magazines, but the later versions (70/90) used STANAG magazines. http://world.guns.ru/ has a nice writeup on it.
  • gun law 922 compliance still apply in 2007: Short answer: Yes. There's no sunset to this law, so we pretty much need to learn to live with it.
  • how to get copy of gun register in california: If you're asking about a registered assault weapon, the DOJ/BOF does maintain records and will provide you with a copy of your registration upon request.
  • 408 cal upper for ar15: I'm unaware of any, but I'm sure that Bohica Arms can produce one for their single-shot platform, provided that the reamers are available. It certainly wouldn't be cheap, though. Unfortunately, 408 Cheytac seems to have fallen by the wayside, supplanted in California by the 50 DTC, and supplanted in general by the 416 Barrett.
  • law regarding flare launcher: The laws on flare launchers vary with the caliber of the flare. 40mm tubes are illegal because they'll accomodate standard 40mm high-explosive grenades. However, 37mm tubes are fine simply because they won't accomodate 40mm military ammunition. Flares, smoke rounds, and even CS gas are available for use out of 37mm tubes. There are also sizing adapters to allow 12ga flares to be launched from 37mm tubes. It's also worth noting that in California, a flare launcher is an "evil feature" just like a pistol grip, etc.

Still Left to Answer

  • barrel recrown: This article is on the WantList.
  • yugo m92 receiver jig: If the dimensions are standard AKM, then a standard receiver (assuming you mean flat bending) jig will work. More to research.

-- TWikiGuest - 31 Oct 2007

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