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Generic AR-15 vs Kel-Tec SU-16

This article is still under development

The question of which rifle is better, comes up fairly often. Usually it's someone attempting to convince themselves that they can get an AR-15 equivalent rifle for the price of an AR-15 upper. his article will compare and contrast an SU-16 with its closest AR-15 analogue, an M4gery chambered in 5.56mm. As always, this article is not going to pick which rifle is "better". The goal of this article is to bring up points in contrast so that you can evaluate which rifle's strengths appeal to you the most. However, I'll observe that I personally chose the best answer: buy both!


In California, the SU-16 is sold as a complete rifle by gun shops which aren't bold enough to carry AR-15's. You can find them used around $500, however they aren't bad guns at all. They're inexpensive, and tend to work pretty decently. That having been said, AR's from "non bottom feeder" vendors are definitely much better in all respects except for weight and "politically correct" appearance, and aren't too horribly much more expensive. The one clear cut advantage the SU-16 has is its looks - it doesn't look like an assault weapon, and isn't likely to get you in trouble during a traffic stop or other law enforcement interaction.

-- SeanNewton - 12 Dec 2008

Topic revision: r1 - 12 Dec 2008 - SeanNewton
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