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Reloading notes from Grammaton76

These are mostly semi-auto experiences. Most of the non-functioning loads would probably work just fine in a bolt action rifle though, given that their only fault is being too light to cycle a semi-auto.

Chambering Bullet OAL Powder Type Powder Weight Primer Recommend? Results
40 S&W 135gr SWC 1.250" Hodgdon HP-38 6.5gr WSP YES Test fired 10rds 7/7/07 in a Sig 229, all fine
45 ACP 230gr SWC   Hodgdon HP-38 4.3gr WLP NO Did not cycle CZ-97B; felt really light.
5.7x28mm 50gr PSP   Alliant Blue Dot 5.0gr WSP YES, FOR PS90 Cycled PS90 perfectly in slow + rapid fire. Slight pressure signs. Do not try in pistol without extensive research!
5.7x28mm 40gr V-Max   Alliant Blue Dot 6.0gr WSP YES, FOR PS90 Cycled PS90 perfectly in slow + rapid fire. No pressure signs. But, do not try in pistol without extensive research!
Above load "feels" and sounds like factory ammo. Have fired over 250rds, no damage to PS90.
7.5x55 Swiss 150gr .308 PSP 2.790" Hodgdon H335 40.0gr WLR YES No pressure signs, worked fine in a K-31. Felt a tad lighter than surplus.
7.62x51 NATO 150gr .308 PSP 2.800" Hodgdon H335 41.0gr WLR YES Cycled PTR-91 (HK 91 clone) just fine, no pressure signs.
7.62x39mm 123gr .311 FMJ   Hodgdon H335 30.5gr WLR/WSR YES Cycled AK just fine, no feed issues whatsoever.
Above load behaves normally in an AK, without pressure signs. Compared with Fiocchi factory ammo, much larger muzzle flash and more reliable cycling in an (experimental, new) AK pistol which wasn't cycling Fiocci factory loads at all. Reliability increased from never cycling, to cycling about half of the time.
7.62x39mm 110gr .311 RN   Hodgdon H322 29.0gr WLR/WSR YES Cycled SKS and AK just fine; feed issues on AK.
7.62x39mm 110gr .311 RN   IMR 4198 24.0gr WLR/WSR NO Didn't cycle SKS in semi.
Berry round-nose bullets have issues in feeding from an AK magazine on Romanian AKM's, both hand built and factory. However, they seem to feed just fine with the SKS. At issue is that they're much shorter than the conventional pointy-tipped rounds, which results in major feed ramp issues. Of course, because they're .311 caliber, they're useless for anything in my collection except the SKS.
50 Beowulf 335gr FMJ/JHP   Hodgdon Lil' Gun 36.2gr WLP YES Cycled just fine, no pressure issues
Beowulf is said to require magnum primers. WLP primers are listed as 'for standard or magnum', and seem to work fine.
6.8mm Remington SPC 115gr FMJ   Hodgdon H335 28.5gr WLR/WSR YES Cycled just fine.
6.8mm Remington SPC 115gr FMJ   Hodgdon H335 27.4 WLR/WSR NO Failure to cycle. Will try 28.0 and 28.5.
6.8mm Remington SPC 115gr FMJ   Hodgdon H322 26.4 WLR/WSR YES Cycled just fine between 26.0 and 26.6; 27.0 had one failure.
6.8mm Remington SPC 115gr FMJ   IMR 4198 23.5gr WLR/WSR NO Even at 23.5gr (stated max load), never once cycled a Stag 16" upper.
223 Remington 55gr BTFMJ   IMR 4198 19.0gr CCI SR YES See Notes Below - not for all rifles!

Notes on my IMR 4198 load

This is the very cheapest load I've seen, heard of, or used for 223. It's light, uses little powder, and doesn't have a lot of recoil. However, various friends of mine have reported that it doesn't work reliably for their rifles. I'm going to chronicle here where this load works and doesn't work, so that folks don't potentially waste time with this load in a rifle that isn't likely to work with it.

My friend Doug says on his tests, it seems that there's a consistent pattern of 20" rifles failing to operate. The bolt carrier moves far enough back to eject a round, but not far enough back to catch the next round and chamber it.

Gun Worked? Gas System Notes
AR upper: Addax ZK Patrol mid-length No Piston My test
AR upper: Armalite 20" Yes Rifle length? My test
AR upper: Colt Match Sporter HBAR No Rifle length Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
AR upper: Del-Ton 16" Yes Rifle length My test
AR upper: DPMS 16" Yes Carbine length Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
AR upper: Model1Sales 16" Dissipator Yes Carbine length Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
AR upper: Retro M16A1 build No Rifle length Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
AR upper: Ruger(?) 16" No Gas piston Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
AR upper: Stag Limited 14.5" M4 Yes Carbine length? My test
AR upper: Stag 16" Pending ??? My test
FN FS2000 Pending Piston My test
Kel-Tec SU-16CA Yes Piston My test
Robinson Arms M96CA Pending Piston My test
Ruger Mini-14 Yes Ruger Doug's test; 20.0-20.5gr
Sig Sauer 556 Yes Piston My test

Bullet Lookup

If you're trying to make sense of the abbreviations, see RefProjectileAbbreviations. The reason the vendor isn't listed in the table above, is because I may end up buying bullets from multiple vendors. If I end up loading different weights, I'll note the vendor here too.
  • 223 Remington: MidwayUSA brand, and Armscor
  • 5.7x28mm: 40gr Hornady V-Max polymer tip (red), 50gr Prvi Partisan PSPs
  • 40 S&W: Rainier
  • 45ACP: Rainier
  • 7.5x55 Swiss: Prvi Partisan
  • 7.62x51 NATO: Prvi Partisan
  • 7.62x39mm: Round nose bullets are from Berry Manufacturing.
  • 6.8SPC: Remington bullets.
  • 50 Beowulf: Rainier bullets.

Primer Lookup

  • CCI SR: CCI Small Rifle
  • WSP: Winchester Small Pistol
  • WSR: Winchester Small Rifle
  • WLP: Winchester Large Pistol
  • WLR: Winchester Large Rifle

Powder Lookup

  • Blue Dot: Alliant Blue Dot.
  • HP-38: Hodgdon HP-38.

-- SeanNewton - 31 Oct 2006

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