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Organizing your Reloading Workspace

By effectively organizing your reloading area, you can reduce the number of separate steps which must be taken in order to accomplish your objective.


I personally bought a label making machine in order to create crisp and clear labels to mark my component bins. More about the bins below.

Storage Bins

Whatever containers you purchase should be capable of withstanding considerable weight (you're going to stack them when full of brass, bullets, etc). They should also be easy to open and close (you're going to sort mixed brass), and their maximum capacity should be around that of your tumbler. I find that the 3Qt Sterilite containers from Wal-Mart are the ideal size to store just enough brass the Dillon CV-500. Therefore, I printed up six caliber labels (the calibers are outlined in the compatibility list from ProcTumblingBrass). After every range trip, I set my various containers onto a table, then dump out the mixed brass near it. I then sort out all the brass into the various boxes. Whenever one fills up, its contents go into the tumbler.

-- SeanNewton - 02 Jul 2008

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