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Choosing your Receiver and Parts Kit

As a Californian, I'm not very familiar with the majority of receiver brands - only the ones we can have in California. Anyone with extra knowledge in this area is welcome to contribute it. Wherever possible, I'll post links to vendors stocking the brands in question.

AK Receivers

  • Ewbanks Manufacturing, which I understand orders from Joeken. The Joeken details apply to this, if they're using the exact same receiver as I've heard.
  • Global Trades - stamped receivers, no prices posted.
  • Joeken Firearms, manufacturer of Ewbanks receivers. Numerous folks recommend buying through distributors due to backorder/stocking issues. Note: extensive filing needed on mag shelf, on the one I worked on! But, good tight FCG holes; almost don't need e-clips. It's also been said that, due to the excess material in the receivers, these receivers are actually capable of being built into AK-74's.
  • NDS/DCI produces stamped AK and RPK recevers. They are fully heat-treated.
  • Ohio Ordnance Works - they produce stamped AK-47 and AK-74 receivers. Californians, OOW is on the ban list, but their receivers are stamped 'ITM-MK99', which isn't explicitly listed. The mk99 front and rear trunions do not have pre-drilled rivet holes, which can make these builds a pain. They are also only spot-heat-treated at the FCG hole points, which means the rest of the receiver is soft metal and bends very easily.
  • Ohio Rapid Fire, which has a house brand and also sells other receivers.
  • The Firing Line produces milled receivers.
  • Vulcan - I refuse to even dig up a link to this company. I've seen (and have the demilled remains of) one receiver with the rails so off-spec that the bolt carrier couldn't be inserted. Furthermore, I've heard multiple reports of the Vulcan receivers even showing up with crooked bends, requiring manual straightening. Avoid at all costs.

AK Parts Kit Compatibility

Origin Model Cal Stock Type Sources
E. German AKM47 7.62x39 Side Stamped NDS-3, ITM-MK99
Poland PKM 7.62x39   Milled Firing Line
Poland PMKMS 7.62x39 Under   NDS-1P?
Poland AK74 5.45x39 Side Stamped  
Poland AKMS 7.62x39 Under Stamped NDS-1P
Yugo M70AB2 7.62x39 Under Stamped NDS-4
Yugo M70AB1 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-5
Yugo M72 RPK 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-9
Yugo M72B2 7.62x39 Under Stamped  
Yugo M92 7.62x39 Under Stamped  
Romania AKM 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-3, ITM-MK99, Vulcan
Romania MD-63 7.62x39 Under Stamped NDS-1ROM
Romania RPK 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-7
Romania PKM 7.62x54r Fixed Stamped  
Russia AKM-47 7.62x39 Fixed Milled  
Russia RPK 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-7
Bulgaria RPK-74 5.45x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-8
Bulgaria AKS-74 5.45x39 Side Unknown  
Bulgaria AK-74 5.45x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-2?
Bulgaria AK-74 5.45x39 Side Stamped  
Bulgaria SLR-105 5.45x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-2
Hungaria AMD-63 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped  
Hungaria AMD-65 7.62x39 Side Stamped NDS-65
Hungaria SA-85 7.62x39 Fixed Stamped NDS-3, ITM-MK99
Hungaria PKM 7.62x54r Fixed Stamped  

Additional Receiver Compatibility Information

  • Purportedly, Ewbanks AKM receivers can be trimmed to fit AK-74 kits by grinding the rails a little.
  • Many of these are considered "standard AK's", however one never knows what really IS standard... that's what this chart is here to answer (eventually).
  • OOW / ITM MK-99 receivers do NOT have pre-drilled trunion holes. Bear this in mind if you aren't comfortable drilling holes in your receiver.

AK Parts Kit Vendors

I'm listing only parts kits which I know can be built using the receivers from the vendors above. It would be futile to list all of the parts kits at each of the vendors. At present, I am familiar only with the NDS series of receivers; if I knew about receiver compatibility from the other vendors, I'd be happy to include those links as well. I've done my best to list all the different parts sets I've seen while shopping around above; hopefully folks with compatibility information will fill that in.

This page will, of course, also require updates over time. Note: UF is Under Folder, FS is Fixed Stock, SF is Side Folder. Romy is Romanian, Yugo is Yugoslavian, Hung is Hungarian.

Name Website Kits of interest
AK Parts http://www.akparts.com/ Romy AK (FS+SF), Yugo AK (UF)
Akron's Armory http://www.akronarmory.com/ Polish (SF+UF)
Centerfire Systems http://www.centerfiresystems.com/ Out of stock on all AK kits, but have Galil
Cheaper Than Dirt http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ Romy AK (FS)
Copes' Distributing http://www.copesdist.com/ Romy AK (FS), Yugo AK (UF)
Marsh Hawk Arms http://marshhawkarms.com/ Romy AK (FS)
DPH Arms http://www.dpharms.com/ Romy AK (FS)
FAC Supply http://www.facsupply.com/ Romy AK, Yugo AK (UF), RPK (Russian?), Galil
Florida Gun Works http://www.floridagunworks.com/ Bulg AK-74, Pol AK-74, Hung AMD-65, Yugo UF, Romy AK, Yugo RPK
FTF Industries http://www.ftfindustries.com/ Romy AK (FS), Yugo AK (UF), Galil
Gunthings.com http://www.gunthings.com/ Romy AK (FS), Polish AK (UF)
Ohio Rapid Fire http://www.ohiorapidfire.com/ Bulgarian RPK-74, Yugo AK (UF), Bulg AK-74
Military Gun Supply http://www.militarygunsupply.com/ Polish AK (UF)
Chart Last Updated 10/16/06

Additional build tools

-- SeanNewton - 10 Apr 2006

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