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An Overview of the Chiappa Rhino

Chiappa's "Rhino" revolver is an oddity which has drawn my interest for a while. Like the legendary Italian Mateba auto-revolver, the Rhino is a revolver where the bottom cylinder fires instead of the top. This should, in theory, reduce the amount of muzzle flip which is experienced when one shoots. At the 2013 SHOT show, I got the opportunity to examine their wares. The Rhino is visually different from most revolvers, but I'm unable to comment on any experiences shooting it, as I never got to shoot it.

This is the Model 50DS, chambered in 357 magnum. Note the lightening cuts just under the front sight base, where there would normally be a barrel. The actual barrel is below.

A view with the cylinder swung out. Notice how the cylinder is a hexagon, instead of a round disc? This slightly reduces the side-to-side dimensions of this revolver versus standard circular pattern cylinders.

A detail shot, showing the barrel coming out of the bottom cylinder.

Notice that the hammer may be cocked up above, where a hammer would normally be. I suspect that there's a really interesting linkage going on between the hammer and the firing pin.

Top-down view, showing windage adjustable sights.

The 50DS next to one of its snub-nose brethren. I didn't actually get the model number on the snub nose version.

The 40DS, which is chambered in 40 S&W. It's interesting to me that the 40DS's cylinder is still relatively long compared to the shorter 40S&W round.

-- Article by Sean Newton - 25 Nov 2013
-- Photos by Craig Johnson - 18 Jan 2013

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