Caliber Conversion Finder

An app by Sean Newton, for

If this application has helped you, please consider making a small donation to GunWiki. Particularly if this app has shown you how to avoid buying an $80 caliber conversion by picking up one or two inexpensive parts!

Please note that the instructions contain some non-obvious information you should probably read before you just start clicking away. Of course, if you really want to just start clicking, feel free.

Please choose which machine you wish to look at conversions for. Be warned that although you may select multiple machines, the next caliber conversion lists will get very long if you do so.
So realistically, unless you intend to mix and match parts across machines (which is possible in some cases), you should only run one machine at a time.

Which Dillon presses do you want to consider conversions for?

 PressConversions On File
Dillon 65070
Dillon 105033
Dillon 550106
Dillon Square Deal B12

In case you can't find the caliber you're looking for, you may request a new conversion here.
I don't have a lot of major connections, but I do periodically beg Dillon and Brian Enos for more info.