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Weapons which are Banned in California

California essentially has two classifications of prohibited weapons, with a degree of overlap. They are:
  • Weapons which are banned by characteristic - i.e. detachable magazine + pistol grip
  • Weapons which are banned by make/model - i.e. the Armalite AR-10.
This is a listing of weapons which are banned by make/model - this list can, as of Jan 1st 2007, no longer be updated by the Department of Justice. It could, however, be updated by legislation in the future.

The characteristics ban is discussed here. Notwithstanding, any AR/AK receiver, for which both the make and model does not appear on this list, is by definition not illegal.

AR/AK rifles which are banned by name in California

Make Model
Armalite AR 10, Golden Eagle, M15
Arsenal SLG, SLR
B-West AK-47
Bushmaster XM15
Colt Law Enforcement (6920) , Match Target, Sporter
Dalphon B.F.D.
DPMS Panther
Eagle Arms EA-15 A2 H-BAR, EA-15 E1, M15
Frankford Arsenal AR-15
Hesse Arms HAR 15A2, Model 47, Wieger STG 940 Rifle
Inter Ordnance AK-47, M-97, RPK
Kalashnikov USA Hunter Rifle/Saiga
Knights RAS, SR-15, SR-25
Les Baer Ultimate AR
Mitchell Arms AK-47, AK-47 Cal .308, M-76, M-90, RPK
Norinco 81 S, 86, AK-47, Hunter Rifle, MAK 90, NHM 90, 90-2, 91 Sport, RPK Rifle
Ohio Ordnance Works AK-74, ROMAK 991
Olympic Arms AR-15, Car-97, PCR, AR-15
Palmetto SGA
Professional Ordnance, Inc. Carbon 15 Rifle
PWA All Models
Rock River Arms Car A2, Car A4 Flattop, LE Tactical Carbine, NM A2 - DCM Legal, Standard A-2, Standard A-4 Flattop
Valmet 76 S, Hunter Rifle
Wilson Combat AR-15
WUM WUM (all)

Other Weapons

Coming eventually

-- SeanNewton - 23 Feb 2007

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