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Articles Written in Response to These Questions

  • ProcArCollapsibleButtstockInstallRemove, which covers the installation and removal of collapsible buttstocks (and their associated buffer tubes) on the AR. I've taken pictures for a similar article using the standard A2 stock, as well.

Articles Identified as Needing Written

  • what is the length of a a2 buffer tube: Excellent question, which I need to get around to finding out a good answer for.

Brief Answers

  • cz-52 9mm barrel suppliers: Federal Arms Corp (FAC) used to supply 9mm barrels for the CZ-52. However, all their assets have since been sold to Century International Arms, and the barrels are only available now in the after market.
  • detachable magazine fed shotgun: Look for the Knoxx Sidewinder kit (discontinued), the Saiga-12, or the Valtro shotgun.
  • berdan primers retail: Good luck. According to some reading last night, there are 9 different sizes and Old Western Scrounger has stopped carrying them.
  • difference between standard and match bmg: Just a tighter chamber. Match chambers may not like surplus ammo.
  • shotgun detachable magazine california: For semi-auto... no. For pump action, sure.
  • how to deprime berdan: I just learned about an RCBS hand tool to remove Berdan primers without using water. So, that's neat and all, but trying to actually get replacement primers seems to be a daunting task.
  • mak90 with monsterman grip: You could do it if you wanted to, but if you're trying to make an unregistered MAK-90 California-legal, it's just not gonna work.

Questions which will be answered

  • ak bolt cutter rivet tool: Will take a picture of mine.
  • force to detonate .223 primer: VERY good question! I suspect that the #300 and such numbers on CCI primers relate to this, but I'll research it before saying anything more.
  • anatomy of armor piercing bullet: I oughtta go ahead and diagram this.
  • removing a permanent ar 15 flash hider: I probably ought to go into the various means of permanent affixation, actually. Plus why you might or might not be ok with doing this.

-- SeanNewton - 26 Mar 2008

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