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  • ar-15 california legal magazine catch: What you are most likely looking for here, is a fixed magazine kit. Try searching with those terms, and you'll find one. The most popular one out there at the moment are the "prince 50" kits - there are two different ones; one is a bullet button and the other is a fixed magazine kit.

  • california legal ak 22: I don't think there are any 22LR AK's on the California assault weapon list. You're probably asking about the Romanian trainer, which is a 22LR AK, or the Armscorp AK-22. Both are entirely California legal, however it is worthwhile to note that the Armscorp product is only shaped like an AK-47.

  • wilson tactical lower receiver stripped ca legal: Yes, the Wilson Tactical lower is legal. The Wilson Combat lower (produced by the father of the guy making the Tactical lowers) is listed and hence illegal.

  • automatic shotgun magazine conversion: In California, a detachable magazine on a semi-auto shotgun is an assault weapon. Don't go there if you're in CA. Otherwise, enjoy! Of course, if you mean fully automatic, that's federally prohibited. On a side note, the Saiga-12 is California-legal if you use a fixed magazine system.

  • building an ak-47 using ewbanks receiver: It's more or less the same as building an AK-47 using another standard stamped receiver.

  • is it legal to have forward pistol grip on ar: In California? Yes, provided that you have fixed a 10 round magazine in place on the rifle or your rifle is rimfire (i.e. 22LR or 17HMR2), or your rifle is non semi automatic (i.e. disabled gas system).

  • mini14 still legal in california: Yes. Just don't install a side-folding stock or other SB23-prohibited features on it.

-- SeanNewton - 19 Jul 2007

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