Preparing your AR parts for assembly

Many folks recommend soaking your AR-15 lower parts kit overnight with CLP before the assembly. Not only does it lubricate them and ensure that they fit together more easily, but it can reduce the number of (potentially finish-marring) hammer strikes you need, and it's also a good chance to get an initial 'black rifle' gleam on them.

The recommended way to do this, is to spray or squirt CLP into a baggie, then drop the parts into it and close it up for the night. You won't harm them by leaving them in longer, so don't worry about it.

Another point is when you don't like the slate-gray look of the stock AR-15 buttstock. You can seal it up with some CLP to marinate it before installation. Or you can just wipe it down regularly with CLP, and eventually it'll acquire the deep black finish of a well-handled AR. I am personally a 'wipe it down' guy, myself.

It should be noted that this is all cosmetic, with the exception of the slightly increased ease of installation due to lubricated components. There is no iron-clad need to prepare the parts for assembly.

-- SeanNewton - 08 Aug 2006

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